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Aug 10


Les Embiez

Aug 13



Les Embiez

Aug 11


Six Fours







Le Garlaban,  is  where you'll find me all Summer. The setting is stunning and it's sunset paradise.  There will be guest DJs as I fulfill my private gig quota. Menu is modern and creative. Booking is advised, as it gets packed in Summer.

​Le Garlaban , is a classy bar overlooking the marina. It's on the private island of Les Embiez, so you need to take a boat. I'm playing all Summer in this paradise (except Mondays and Wednesdays). I'm working with a singer to bring a bit extra to my DJ sets.

Expect NuBossa, soul, lounge, funk and songs to sip local rosé - there's a vineyard on the island. 

Mafana Zen Café,  is a modern bar/restaurant situated in a perfect little spot. Opposite the port of Coudoulière. It just got bigger as they bought the bar next door too. I set up on the terrace and play soul, funk and afro beat. Throw in some eclectic stuff to season things up, and did I mention the barman? Unreal drinks.

Babel Babel  is the perfect spot for an evening of unbridled fun. The food is modern Mediterranean and the music is funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae & disco. Perfectly placed near the old port, this restaurant/bar draws a hip crowd.

I'll be playing vinyl only - no laptops here. Real DJs only. Plenty of Act of Sedition edits and a vibrant crowd guaranteed.

Closes around 1am