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You can download some of these mixes and tracks from Soundcloud. I've put in a varied selection so you know I'm not stuck in a pigeon hole. Diversity is the only way to reach out. Each gig brings its own playlist - tailor made.

Chill out tunes for laid back moments by the sea.

Naturally I was more than happy to do a 1 hour mix for Ibiza's biggest radio station.

There are several tracks from my record label.

This was broadcast at 3pm so it's quite chilled out to start with.

This is a live recording from the Portissol Festival where I played for the Fete de la Musique. House, nu disco - deep'n'dirty. This is a free download from the Soundcloud website

This really captures the sound I'm playing in France. It was done on CDJs and vinyl turntables, combining the two media. Worldwide music to express the fact we don't need to stay in pigeon holes as DJs. Music is a large canvas that needs to be painted with all colours.

So if you're wondering what I sound like live in a crowded bar, here you go! Disco & house to get the party started.

© Andy Bull 2020

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