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Check Check 1-2,1-2

You can download some of these mixes and tracks from Soundcloud. I've put in a varied selection so you know I'm not stuck in a pigeon hole. Diversity is the only way to reach out. Each gig brings its own playlist - tailor made.

Chill out tunes for laid back moments by the sea.

Naturally I was more than happy to do a 1 hour mix for Ibiza's biggest radio station.

There are several tracks from my record label.

This was broadcast at 3pm so it's quite chilled out to start with.

This is a live recording from the Portissol Festival where I played for the Fete de la Musique. House, nu disco - deep'n'dirty. This is a free download from the Soundcloud website

I do a huge amount of edits for my record label. This involves remixing old tracks and making them more punchy, dance friendly and generally sounding more modern.  Here's a lesser known disco track from the 70s given a refix.

So if you're wondering what I sound like live in a crowded bar, here you go! Disco & house to get the party started.

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