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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Firstly, let me apologise for the lateness of this post. I've been finishing the summer season in suitably messy DJ fashion and my office has become a mirage, one of those mythical places that you hear about but never get to set foot in. As the light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter I'd thought I'd venture towards the dusty computer and share some of my Bandcamp purchases with you, as well as taking back the reigns of the record label I'm supposedly running!

As always, the rules are simple.

Spend €50 on Bandcamp.

Any questions?


2000 Black is a great London label and this funky, soulful boogie business came out last month. Obviously good musicians at work here with a plethora of vintage keyboards and instruments to mess about with. Short tracks that defy genre and push grooves emphatically in your face.



The Earons track I originally posted has been taken down for copyright purposes, so Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco step in to fill the void with this masterful rework of The Thompson Twins' Love On Your Side. I mentioned Volume 1 of this series a few months back and frankly folks, you can't go wrong with the whole album, but I'm on a budget so I chose my current favourite, which is a very reasonable 150 pennies, found in all major piggy banks.

Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins) is currently putting out music under the moniker of International Observer on Dubmission Records, also worth checking out.

Pete, notably, has a streaming site called Music For Swimming Pools which is uninterrupted quality vibes. Mr Herbert curates a smorgasbord of laid back tunes that pairs well with a negroni sbagliato whilst dipping your toes in a Hockney-esque plunge pool.

I digress.....



You're probably going to think me mad for this choice, but I love art punk and "there ain't no bread unless you bake it yourself" so just indulge me on this one.

This band from DC are royally taking the piss, and frankly I think musical statements are a dying species, and should be protected and supported.

Wrong Taco is genius, as is Avocado. I'm reminded of early B52s and although the music is full of discord and strange inclusions of clarinet & sax, I think it holds a beautiful innocence, and its lack of pretension is its trump card.

Bargain price.



This baby came out last year and shows that the Rhythm Twins are still ahead of the game.

There's a fusion of international beats, with latin, asian and even bluegrass influences. Naturally there's reggae and Santa Barbara echoes their classic rhythm Murder She Wrote.

El Bang Bang is a sumptuous blend of salsa & dancehall, pure genius. Nyabinghi drums followed by tablas and jazzy trumpets waft through this album. This release is a rich tapestry woven by the best. Instrumental rhythms from Jamaica's top flight session musicians.



This a slightly sped up and beefy version of the first track from Sandra's 1983 album, Vale Tudo.

There's an affordable reissue from Mr Bongo if you don't want to track down the original Brazilian pressing and take out a second mortgage. Frankly all her early 80's work is outstanding and should be investigated.

Case Bloom is from Nashville and does a lot of DJ edits (also makes bags). He's found his calling and delivered us a winner here.

Name your price... so let's throw him a couple of bucks.



This track came out originally in 2013 but got a 2021 revamp recently. I'm a big fan of Captain Planet so was very excited to see him tackle this NuYominican classic. Obviously that means Dominicans in New York, so just keep up please. The keys are infectious and it's got a new swing. I'm all over it....



How did this baby slip through the net? Thought I was a proper digger but obviously not it seems....

I was banging on recently about Favourite Recordings and their sublime Disco Reggae compilations, and I let this one overtake me without even a wave in the rear view mirror. I also follow Patchworks, as his tropical projects are usually up my street, so I'm even more mystified that this came out in 2019 and I was very late in grabbing a copy.

French band that probably have a few South Americans in their troupe.




Daje Funk is a sub label of the mighty Samosa Records from Rome. As the name suggests, it reflects the more funkier side of their releases, and although this is not the latest offering, I do think it's the best. Every track is caviar on toasted rye, absolutely sublime. Mexico's highly talented Van Pratt leads the charge with an outstanding diva vocal opus and Jito and Paul Older follow through with dynamite floor shakers. Paul does an excellent edit of Billy Paul's False Faces. It's all deep down, dirty funk. Magical.

I have the 10" vinyl, but you can get a slightly cheaper digital copy.

NB. The new Slam Dunk Vol 2. is about to come out, so I'd suggest you click the FOLLOW button for this label and keep your finger on the pulse.



Stockholm's Peter Major grabbed my attention when he remixed

Hipnotic's Are You Lonely? for Street Level in 2019. Rather fitting that he's on a Swedish label now and this latest offering is once again showcasing his remix talents. Two very wisely chosen tracks that given the Opolopo Tweak suddenly move up a gear and you can feel the G -force.

Groovy, jazzy and highly infectious. Wear a mask.



So, that's my €50 well spent (€42,70 + tax)

I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but next month sees a very special guest writer.

Please share this blog with people that like buying music and supporting artists.

Bully x

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